Monday 15 January 2007

Iroquois (1)

I spent the summer of last year ploughing through 7 packs of Woodland Indians and Iroquois from the Perry and Conquest ranges. The main photo shows the contents of packs "Woodland Indians A to C" from the Conquest range: these are generic figures and Conquest also make specific packs for the Delaware, Saux and Iroquois tribes. Below are a few close-ups.

I wanted to make these figures look authentic and suitably intimidating. Therefore, they all wear war-paint and tattoos and I have added decoration to the satchels, leggings etc. I found the Osprey books on woodland tribes invaluable when painting these figures. I also decided to base them individually, on 25mm x 25mm bases. The "British Grenadier" rules suggest that skirmishers be based in threes or twos, depending on their grade (the point being that when firing the better skirmishers roll one set of dice for each pair of figures whilst everyone else has one throw for each set of three figures - basing in twos or threes makes rolling the dice easier). These Indians rate as second grade skirmishers under the rules but I thought basing them on 25mm x 75mm bases (like my American skirmishers, for example) would just not look right. In any event, with a bit of gaming experience I have learnt that "British Grenadier" can easily accomodate some varieties in basing, as long as the core line troops are based consistently.

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