Thursday 25 January 2007

28th Foot

Before Perry Miniatures came along with their packs of Brits in various types of "campaign dress", 25mm manufacturers tended to stick to making Brits in the 1768 Royal Clothing Warrant "full dress" (although most companies made various light infantry figures in slouch hats). So nowadays the wargamer can choose between the classic look of white-laced tricornes or the new orthodoxy of slouch hats, roundabouts and cut-down coats. Although there is evidence that soldiers began modifying their uniforms as soon as they reached America (and sometimes during the voyage over), I think it is acceptable to use the full dress look for regiments engaged in the early battles of 1775 and 1776. Therefore, I have modelled those regiments that were present at Bunker Hill, Fort Washington and White Plains largely according to the 1768 warrant. All consist of Foundry figures.

The 28th was raised in 1694 as Gibson's Regiment of Foot and fought at Ramillies and Fontenoy. It was in the vanguard of Wolfe's attack on Quebec in 1759. Arriving in America in 1776, the regiment saw action at Brooklyn Heights, White Plains and Germantown before leaving for the West Indies in 1778.

Painted May 2006. 16 figures. Flags by GMB. The fact that the drummer looks a bit like Gordon Brown is pure coincidence, given that these boys are from Gloucestershire and not Fife.

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WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hello Giles,

Good work, especially where the drummer is concerned. I'm impressed by the amount of painted detail on his coat -- even if he does look a bit like Gordon Brown!

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Stokes Schwartz