Tuesday 20 September 2022

Returning shortly

My neglect of this blog has been utterly woeful, but I'm really hoping to kick-start it back to life this week.  There's no point in trying to explain the radio silence over the past (almost) year; work, family, even fading eyesight and associated issues all play their part.  But hopefully what I post from now on will still be of interest to some people and, like many wargaming bloggers, I will have the satisfaction of knowing that at least what I'm churning out will be on view on the internet, even if the toys themselves largely remain hidden away.  Some pics of recent things whilst I get organised again are below.  

Work completed but not blogged about covers: Warhammer 40K; Frostgrave; Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago; Gaslands; 25mm Gladiators; 7TV; First Carlist War; War of the Triple Alliance; ACW; Napoleon in Egypt; some AWI.