Friday 18 December 2020

The War of the Triple Alliance

I'm behind with basing and photos (I've painted 13 different units since August) but I did manage to assess the current state of my Great Paraguayan War/War of the Triple Alliance project and so thought I'd post them here.  I can't believe the first unit of Paraguayans was painted 6 years ago.  On the Paraguayan side there are three infantry units of Steve May sculpts for Kingscarbine Miniatures (which aren't currently available), two Perry Miniatures firing line units, and the beginnings of a 12-figure cavalry unit.  On the Allied side, I have one regiment of Brazilian infantry and with another on the stocks.  In fact, my pre-Christmas schedule is to finish this off and the Paraguayan cavalry.  Then it will be on to some Uruguayans and whatever's in the two boxes from the Perries that arrived addressed to my wife the other day....   

The flags are mainly from Flags of War.  These are a total lifesaver, as I wasn't relishing the prospect of painting more flags (the larger Paraguayan flag is one that I painted 6 years ago, and which got nibbled the other week by our cat, Millie) and I was having problems with the flags uploaded on the Perry website.  Flags of War also do lance pennants in any colour you want.  The palm trees and broken walls in the photos are all scenic bits I made for Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago last year; I think they look ok-ish for South America.

My immediate plan is to get to 10 infantry units per side (perhaps a couple more on the Allied side to reflect the three different contingents), a bit of cavalry and then take stock.  All infantry units will be between 18 and 24 figures and cavalry units will be 12 figures.  That's not particularly historic, but provides a manageable set-up.  I'll post about these units separately in due course, and will start with the original one again as I added more figures to it.