Tuesday 9 January 2007

33rd Foot

Like the 23rd Foot, the 33rd saw extensive action in the war. It landed in America in 1776 and remained until 1781, fighting at Long Island, Fort Washington, Brandywine, Germantown, Monmouth, Camden, Guilford Courthouse and Yorktown. It is therefore a useful regiment to have in one's collection. It also has red facings, one of only three British regular AWI regiments to do so (the others being the 53rd Foot and 59th Foot). The regiment was originally raised in 1702 as "the Earl of Huntingdon's Regiment" to fight in the War of the Spanish Succession and recruited primarily from west Yorkshire. During the AWI the regiment attained an envied reputation for its professionalism and general excellence both in the field and in barracks.

These Perry figures are in campaign dress of "slouch hats" and cut-down coats. These represent field modifications to the 1768 Royal Clothing Warrant regulations, the hats being more effective at shielding the men from the sun than the regulation tricornes. Painted November/December 2006. 18 figures. Flags by GMB.


legatus hedlius said...

I was just going to sell my unpainted AWI figures on the basis that I would never get round to painting them then saw your site and you've changed my mind!

Great stuff.

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Wonderfully painted figures!

Stokes Schwartz
(Grand Duchy of Stollen blog)

Realistic Miniatures said...

I have always wanted to do AWI. Never seem to get round to it.

Thought I would post a comment as I know, having a Blog of my own, that hardly anyone posts!

I say well done this is a site I will return to. Aren't those GMB flags the best?

Mark Temple
Realistic miniatures

Anonymous said...


This is a fantastic site and your figures and basing simply superb. As always I look forward to seeing more. Surely you must now have one of the best AWI collections out there? Its time they were published in a magazine.