Wednesday 31 January 2007

Napoleonic French infantry

Every wargamer has a list of projects that are sitting around half-finished or which fall into the "I'd really love to do that one day" category. I have over a dozen. On the "half-finished" list (which in some cases means "barely started") are Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar and the Roman Civil Wars, English Civil War, American Civil War, Darkest Africa, Russian Civil War, the Punic Wars, Vikings, 1066, 1812 and several I've forgotten. As I write this, I'm also drooling over the new WAB "Age of Arthur" supplement and have concluded that this period must also go on the list.
A long-term ambition is to work on an 1815 project using the marvellous figures produced by Perry Miniatures. Loughton Strike Force's Waterloo game at Salute in April gives me an excuse to leave the AWI for a couple of months and paint up Dutch-Belgian cavalry and Napoleon & co. This year I also want to finish a French line infantry brigade using the Perry 1815 French figures. The picture shows the beginning, some "test" figures I painted last year but which I only based the other week. The painting and colour schemes I used need some refinement, but these are lovely sculpts and I'm looking forward to watching Alan Perry's range develop.


WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Ah, there's nothing like some 1815 era French infantry in a mixture of regulation and campaign dress. Troops like these are my own personal favorites. Very nice work!

Stokes Schwartz

Juan Fco said...

Son unos trabajos muy bonitos, y la uniformidad perfecta.
Un saludo