Tuesday 26 October 2021

Paraguay: 6th Infantry


My sixth battalion of Paraguayan infantry consists of the Perry advancing packs but also two command figures from the former Kings Carbine range.  I had these figures left over and I think they look fine mixed in with the Perries.  A tad shorter and thinner perhaps, but not so much that you'd really notice.   I'm trying to vary the size of my Paraguayan battalions, so this is an under-strength unit of 16 figures.  I should have put a few more figures in white, rather than red, shirts, as the standard bearer sticks out a bit   

In order to try to speed up the process, I use only two colours on the flesh of my WTA figures.  I used to use the Foundry "South American Flesh" palette, but then the highlight "C" colour dried up and the "B" colour starting getting a bit gooey.  So I then starting using the base "A" colour and GW "Cadian Flesh" as one highlight (which approximates to the Foundry "C" paint).  This works well, save for the fact that some of the faces look a bit undercooked and, well, crappy, with only one highlight.  So I'm continuing to experiment, but to be honest the faces of these and other recent figures aren't really up to scratch (see, for example, the figure on the far left in the first photo below).  This is also down to what I mentioned a couple of post ago, namely clearly deteriorating eyesight - I now find it very difficult to see fine detail except in bright natural light.  Hopefully a pair of glasses will help.

Work has prevented posting over the past few weeks, but I'm hoping to post more regularly now.  There are some Argentinians for the WTA on the workbench, together with the first AWI for a while, which I'm painting for a mate in the US.

16 figures. Painted July 2021.  Flag by Flags of War.