Sunday 3 December 2017


Sorry - the blog died for a few months.  There are various reasons for that, primarily work being very bad of late; and general disinterest thanks to the Photobucket situation.  I've been exploring Photobucket alternatives, but very slowly, and in fact I received an email from Photobucket last week telling me that my (paid-for) subscription was coming to an end in December and thereafter I'd lose hosting services unless I coughed up the $400 they are now asking for.  That's not going to happen, so I'm afraid some time over the next couple of weeks all the photos on my blog are going to vanish.   It would be easy in these circumstances to simply walk away - I don't know how much time it would take to reconstitute over 500 posts that stretch back over 10 years, and the thought of doing so is highly depressing.  But on reflection, I'll give it a go.

I've now paid for hosting services with Imageshack and the long task of migrating photos and blog links is underway.  Unfortunately there is no chance of this task being completed before the Photobucket photos disappear (not least because I myself disappear to New Zealand in a couple of days' time).  I'm sorry if that causes inconvenience for anyone researching AWI or other units and wants to see some painted examples.  If it's AWI uniform info you're after, I strongly recommend Steve Jones' Black Powder supplement "Rebellion", which contains pretty much everything you'd need to know.  So far, I've posted the AWI Patriot cavalry and many of the earlier French Napoleonic posts - there's no logic behind that, really, and it's a drop in the ocean.  But I have to start somewhere.

So here, by way of a test example with new Imageshack links, are some "wip" photos of various things I've been working on and playing around with.  I've found that, almost subconsciously, I'm been drifting towards games and periods that I think my boys would be interested in.  The pirates are all Foundry figures, and will form a sort of Frostgrave: Ghost Archipelago meets Blackbeard sort of game.  So I've fallen badly behind with posting photos of what I've been painting - mainly Napoleon in Egypt things and about 60 pirates (many of which are "touch-up" figures I painted about 25 years ago).  This does mean, however, that I should be able to hit the ground running next year when I return from NZ.  Have a great Christmas everyone.    

All new paints.

Far left a "touch-up"; other two are new paints.

All "touch-ups".

Two are "touch-ups; two are new paints - not saying which! 

The current state of my Napoleon in Egypt project.

What's currently on the workbench; along with skeletons and more pirates...