Monday 27 September 2021

Paraguay: Artillery (1)

Apologies for the post silence.  If truth be told, the weather in the UK the past 2-3 months has been so bad that I was unable to take any photos outdoors in decent sunshine until the beginning of September, and then work took over.  But I now have about a dozen posts-worth, so all is set for the next few weeks.

This post shows my initial artillery sets for the Paraguayans.  For the War of the Triple Alliance range, the Perries have released some packs with 6 crew figures but no guns.  For these, you are directed to the plastic guns produced for the ACW range (available either as part of a box with ACW crew or as separate sprues.  So I bought a couple of sprues and a couple of limbers as well, so I can have the latter placed behind each gun.  To be honest, it's a more expensive way to build artillery, although I suppose the plastic guns give you more options.  I hope that at some stage the Perries give us enormous 24-pounder plus guns, which both sides used in fortifications.  But for now, one has 6 figures per gun, which in pose terms works out at 5 crew around the gun itself and then another dealing with ammunition.  So I've put the last figure from each of the two packs with a limber as an ammunition carrier.

I found the figures tricky to pose effectively around the guns.  The painted examples on the Perry website are perfect, but you can see that the ventsman, for example, can't reach the vent.  Also, the poses of the two crews mean that the guns don't sit side by side on the bases.  I used the Renedra 65mm x 90mm bases that are available from Perry, which give you sufficient space for each of the crews but not in a way that positions the guns themselves in the same place.  I had little idea of what colours to paint the guns' woodwork, so I did them in "ACW green" (which isn't much different to how I'd paint "French Napoleonic ochre"), so the guns and limbers can be removed and used for ACW crews.     

12 figures, 2 guns and 2 limbers.  Painted June 2021.