Sunday 29 May 2016

Bull Run Confederates (1)

There's a reason for the lack of any unit designation for this post - I don't have one.  For reasons I can't quite now remember, I bought some packs of Perry "early Confederates" and painted them up with an eye on the Jackson Bull Run scenario in the "Guns at Gettysburg" "Stonewall" scenario book.  I suppose my rather crazy idea is to do Bull Run/First Manassas using Perry Miniatures figures and everything else ACW using Dixon Miniatures figures.  That, at least, is the general plan.  So this is the first unit of 1861 Rebs, aimed at being part of the Stonewall Brigade.  However, I will happily acknowledge that I know next to nothing about the ACW and I really don't know if these figures, and indeed the way I've painted them, work for Jackson's command.  The figures themselves, and the way I've painted them, seem influenced by Don Troiani's painting "Drive them to Washington!", which portrays Jackson leading his brigade at Bull Run.  Most of the troops are in shirtsleeves or "battle shirts", wearing kepis (with or without havelocks), caps and "Garibaldi caps".  But whether any of the particular regiments that made up the Stonewall Brigade wore other dress is something I just don't know as yet.  A lot of these 1861 volunteer units had companies drawn from the pre-war militia, which may well have still worn their antebellum uniforms at Bull Run.  So I need to do some research before alighting on a precise designation for this unit.   Any help and suggestions from readers would be most welcome.

These are lovely Perry sculpts, full of character.  There are two very similar charging pose packs, one with kepis and havelocks and the other with a variety of caps and hats (including the "Garibaldi caps", as can be seen on the guy at the end of the second line in the red shirt).  I wish they'd do a third pack using the same bodies but with kepis without the havelocks - there are lots of soldiers like that in Troiani's painting and it would add more variety for these figures, which I expect would feature a lot in a Bull Run collection.

16 figures. Painted August-December 2012. Flag by GMB.


Saturday 28 May 2016

10th Virginia

The 10th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment mustered at Harper's Ferry in May 1861.  Apparently four companies consisted of the 4th Regiment, Virginia Volunteers, a pre-war militia unit. The men were raised in the counties of Shenandoah, Rockingham, Page, and Madison.  The regiment spent its war with the Army of Northern Virginia: Bull Run, Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battles, Early's Shenandoah Valley operations and finally the Appomattox Campaign.  The regiment suffered heavy casualties at Chancellorsville and Gettysburg, where it joined the 23rd Virginia in Stueart's brigade in Ewell's II Corps.  When the regiment surrendered in April 1865 it had just 2 officers and 43 men.  In the "Guns of Gettysburg" scenarios, the 19th Virginia appears as follows: McDowell (12 figures), First Winchester (20), Port Republic (20). 

This is my last (for now) unit featuring Dixon Miniatures.  There are quite a few of the first figures I painted in 1998 and the balance made up of more recent ones.  I'm not sure the officer in the second rank is necessarily "advancing" rather than "standing", but I think he fits ok.  Tomorrow and Monday I'll post about my two units of Perry figures for Bull Run and then I'll find up with some final thoughts on Tuesday.   

20 figures.  Painted July 1998 and June-July 2012. Flag by GMB.

Friday 27 May 2016

5th Virginia

The 5th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment follows a similar story to the other regiments I have been featuring this week.  It was formed in May 1861, with men drawn from Augusta and Frederick Counties in the Shenandoah.  Like the 2nd Virginia, it was assigned to what became known as the Stonewall Brigade and fought in the usual campaigns: Bull Run, Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battle, Early's Shenandoah operations and Appomattox.  The regiment suffered 16% losses at Gettysburg.  In the "Guns of Gettysburg" scenario book that I'm using to build up Jackson's Shenandoah army, the 5th Virginia appears as a 24-figure unit in three scenarios - Kernstown, First Winchester and Port Republic.  For these larger 24-figure units I like to add an additional officer or two at the end of the line.  Something I haven't quite mastered yet is doing the squiggly gold braid that goes up the sleeves of Confederate officers.  That's basically why my Jackson command figures hasn't been finished yet!  

Again, I think these are mostly the later-painted figures.  I see perhaps one that may have been a 1998-er.  The choice of flag was dictated by the short size of the cast-on flag pole

24 figures.  Painted May-July 2012.  Flag by GMB



Thursday 26 May 2016

23rd Virginia

The 23rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was formed in May 1861, recruiting in Richmond and surrounding areas.  As with the other units I've been posting about, the 23rd spent most of the war on service with the Army of Northern Virginia, fighting in  Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign, Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battles, Early's Shenandoah Valley Campaign and finally ending the war at Appomattox.  The regiment fought at Gettysburg in Steuart's brigade in Johnson's division in Ewell's II Corps.

The 23rd appears in the following Valley Campaign scenarios: McDowell (8 figures), Kernstown (10), First Winchester (24) and Port Republic (24).  I think all these figures were newly painted in 2012.  Despite the rather ginormous right hands, I like the marching Dixon figures as you can achieve huge variety among the same basic couple of poses (if you ignore the fact that everyone seems to have tears in their trousers in the same places).  I suspect the frock-coated chaps with their right left forward are Union figures, but I think they work ok.

24 figures.  Painted May-July 2012. Flag by Adolfo Ramos.



Wednesday 25 May 2016

2nd Virginia

The 2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in Charles Town, West Virginia in April 1861.  It was a founding regiment of the "Stonewall Brigade".  The 2nd Virginia fought at Bull Run and participated in many of the famous engagements of the Army of Northern Virginia: Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battles, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Early's Shenandoah campaign of 1864 and the Appomattox campaign.  At Gettysburg the Stonewall Brigade was in Johnson's division in Ewell's II Corps and attacked Culp's Hill on the second and third days of the battle.  Apparently Private John Wesley Culp was in the 2nd Virginia and he was killed close to his uncle's farm on the hill that bore his family's name.

The 2nd Virginia features in the following "Guns of Gettysburg" Jackson scenarios: Kernstown (16 figures), Port Republic (12), Front Royal (24) and First Winchester (24).  Most, if not all, of these figures are the product of my 2012 Dixon ACW splurge.  I copied a couple of more complicated blanket roll designs from some Don Troiani paintings.  It was while putting this unit together that I realised I was painting too many light blue trousers (or "pants", as I think Americans call them), which I gather weren't actually worn much by Confederate infantry.  I do like the dynamic feel of this unit - the Dixon range at its best.

24 figures.  Painted May-July 2012.  Flag by GMB. 


Tuesday 24 May 2016

21st Virginia

The 21st Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in June/July 1861 and took recruits from the city of Richmond and neighbouring counties.  It saw action as part of the Army of Northern Virginia, participating in Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battles and then Early's Shenandoah Valley campaign in the summer of 1864.  At Gettysburg, the regiment was in Edward Johnson's division in Ewell's II Corps and lost heavily in the Confederate attacks on Culp's Hill.

The 21st Virginia appears in a few of the Valley Campaign scenarios: Kernstown (14 figures), McDowell (16), Cross Keys (24) and First Winchester (24).  Numerate readers will notice that I am 4 figures short, as there are only 20 figures here.  I can't explain that mistake, and it's too late now to As with the 15th Alabama, this unit contains many of the figures I painted in 1998, although I think there are a few more of the 2012 ones in the front row.  The flag is an interesting from GMB.  I needed a small flag as there isn't much space on the cast-on flag pole on the officer figure.  All I can find out about it is that this was a battle version of the First Confederate National Flag, and one was captured by Union forces at the Battle of Pea Ridge (fought in March 1862) in Arkansas.  So I don't know if any regiments in Jackson's command would have carried it, although it seems perfectly possible.

20 figures.  Painted June-July 1998 and May-July 2012. Flag by GMB.