Wednesday 2 July 2014

AWI Highlanders (8)

As readers of this blog may recall, I've been painting a large number of King's Mountain Miniatures highlanders for the company's proprietor, Bill Nevins.  I've posted photos before of some of those figures as I complete them (which I've taken largely for promotional use by Bill and his agents).  It was while painting more of these figures for Bill over the past couple of months that I began working on the units for myself that are now beginning to arrive from the painting desk.

So I thought I might as well post the photos I took recently of some finished command figures.  These figures were in the second release of highlanders, I think around October or November last year.  These figures will of course appear in the units I'm painting for my own collection, but you might get a better view of the figures themselves in these shots.  The highlander units I'm painting for myself are the two "wings" of the 76th and a firing line 71st (I'll shortly re-do my rather crappy earlier post on the 71st Foot to post separately on each of the three units of the 71st that I'll have in my collection).  For Bill I'm just painting the 71st and the 42nd.  I painted these figures for the 42nd, 71st and 76th at the same time, so you can see the three regiments together in the first couple of photos.  The "rules" on musicians' uniforms can be tricky to remember: the drummer of the 42nd doesn't have reversed coat colours because Royal regiments didn't do that and were an exception to the general rule; and the pipers of the 71st and 76th don't have reversed coats because pipers were not official regimental musicians, but rather personal appointees of the colonels, and so didn't wear musicians' coats.