Monday 15 January 2007

14th Massachusetts Regiment

According to Mollo, a deserter from this regiment was reported as wearing "brown regimentals faced light blue". Mollo also mentions blue coats faced white. The former is prettier and so that is what I decided to do; in fact, this interesting colour scheme is what inspired me to paint up this regiment (I'm still not entirely sure what battles it fought in...).

The unit is a rag-bag of figures, mainly drawn from Foundry's "uniformed militia" and "minutemen" packs. There are a couple of figures from Eureka and the standard bearer is from the Perry range. It therefore combines soldiers in scruffy uniforms with those in civilian clothes and looks about right for a poorly-supplied state regiment in 1777/78. Painted August 2006. 20 figures. Flag by GMB.

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WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

You're right -- brown coats with light blue facings look very nice together. I like how you mixed various figures within this unit of infantry too.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz