Saturday, 2 May 2009

Civilians (9)

Just 2 figures for this post, painted last weekend. I am always on the look out for suitable, interesting civilian figures and I found these sculpts at Salute a few weeks ago. They are from Outpost Wargames Services (see their website here) and are part of a Highwaymen range. Elements of the figure's attire are more 17th century than 18th century (e.g the ties at the bottom of the barman's breeches) but I think these figures would pass muster for pretty much anything from 1620 to 1820. The barman's head is also a bit caricature-ish, but not in an extreme way like some Old Glory sculpts and the faces on both figures have a lot of character (although why do sculptors always make bald barmen?). All together I am quite pleased to have found these sculpts. The figures cost £2 for the pair, although the website shows that the figures can be purchased separately. A barmaid figure is something that I have been particularly looking out for. Maybe she's bringing a bottle of Louisiana Claret to some thirsty British officers...

2 figures. Painted April 2009.


Peeler said...

Very nice. I especially like the Barmaid, she has a fine pair of pots.

Anonymous said...

The Barmaid-a lovely pair of jugs I say! Not very PC I know but had to be said!


jmezz382 said...

Looks like a fine lot to serve up some minutemen walking back from Concord and Lexington.

How do you arrange them in the game ? Or do they provide bonus to the terrain ?

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

It's a well known fact that drinking wine makes your hair fall out - hence the bald barman.... if only he'd had a few real ales he would have needed his own named parking spot at the local barbers... :o

Greg Sapara said...

Great work Giles!

I hope the pub is dark inside, as they are not the most attractive couple!

I joined the Old Glory Army, and got a load of 17th/18th century Blue Moon civilian miniatures as my "freebie". Your posting has encouraged me to paint up a few!


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

These are fantastic. I like the barman a lot. He looks like a surly owner who rules his inn with an iron hand. With the number of Civilians you have painte up, you should consider painting up some combat troops and basing them individually. You could have quite a nice skirmish game. You even have some of the buildings for it already!

Skirmish gaming also gives your players an opportunity to enjoy your wonderfully painted figures close up.

Sire Godefroy said...

Although they look a bit cartoonish these miniatures are a nice addition to your collection. I second the recommendation to venture into skirmish games; you're already able to play anything from micro management (e.g. Gloire, Songs of..., Mordheim adaptions) to very big skirmishes (This Very Ground, Sharp Practice, Triumph & Tragedy...). Perhaps enough for a little game report in a while? ;-)

Looking forward to your next additions, anyway.


Andrew said...

These are nice: the sculpting and the painting. I love civilians. These two would be equally at home in a fantasy tavern. Conversely, I think some of MegaMiniatures' fantasy civilians could work well as 17th-18th century historics.