Friday, 29 May 2009

All change

I had meant this to be my 200th post, but something went a bit awry and this is actually my 201st. Anyway, 200-odd posts seems a suitable point at which to take stock of where things stand on this blog and highlight a couple of important developments.

Readers will have noticed the lack of newly painted AWI figures on this forum, and many will know that this is because over the past few weeks I have been hard at work on two new periods - the First Carlist War and the English Civil War. Both are periods that I have been drawn to for a while. Whereas in the past I have found it very difficult to leave the AWI for other periods, the occasional foray excepted, this time I have found it very difficult to return to the AWI after settling in to something different. I have almost 80 FCW figures painted up now and my first ECW regiment is also nearly finished, together with a couple of guns and some personalities. I suppose what I'm saying is that I'm currently enjoying a leave of absence from the AWI.

A second issue of importance is that, all going well, in December I will become a father. That will obviously have a huge impact on my painting output and it made me realise that I want to squeeze in a couple of small collections for new periods prior to the shutters coming down on or around 3 December. So that is another factor in a drift away from the AWI. A third factor is that, after 5 years of almost total concentration on the one period, I am simply running out of things to paint for the AWI. I could continue to paint every British and Hessian regiment that appeared, but given the impending chimes of midnight that doesn't really seem a good use of my time. I worked out the other week that there are really only a dozen more AWI units I would want to do, and I would rather paint them at leisure over the next couple years, as and when I have a need for them, than rush them all through this year.

So where does that leave this blog? In a way, that's largely the reason behind this post because I would like to know what readers would rather see: a halt to this blog and a new one started on my new periods, or a continuation of this blog but with far less AWI content and far more other stuff. I can see merit in both approaches. For example, the attraction of having a blog solely on the First Carlist War (to show what a colourful and interesting period it is) is balanced by a concern that many people won't bother looking at it. Then again, it's easier to manage everything in one place. It did occur to me that all 3 periods are civil wars, and I thought perhaps I could tweak the title of the blog to reflect that. There will be more AWI posts, just not nearly as frequently as before (perhaps once a month). So if you have a view either way, please let me know; and if you want to see the new stuff I have about 6 posts' worth already!


Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Well first off "congratulations" are in order, here's hoping all goes well... I also tip a respectful nod of the head in your direction at the speed with which said event was 'accomplished'! ;o)))

W.r.t the Blog direction, I have no axe to grind either way. My only requirement is that I can continue to read your excellent posts, and more importantly see your excellent painted output.... here or on a new blog(s) is not important....

The Haggis said...

Keep the same blog, just spruce it up. I think you are right about a seperate blog for FCW, might not get much traffic. Managing multiple blogs would make it seem like work and you might not do it as much.

Congrats on being a father, when we had our 2nd and 3rd at the same time, I emerged from 6 months of not even holding a brush with a desire to start a new period, AWI. Good luck with it.

Sire Godefroy said...

Well done, sir, congrats to the expansion of your family. May it be a healthy collection. ;-)

Concerning the blog: This place was my first introduction into gaming the AWI. Since then I have pointed it to many people also interested in the period as one of the best sources of inspiration & information. Therefore, I wouldn't like to see this place changed a lot. Keep it as a resource for newcomers.

If you feel the need to dedicate more space to your other projects, simply establish a new blog where you can present all of them (as I do) without concentrating on just one aspect. That might be a refreshing approach for yourself AND your audience.

At last, it's up to you, and I will happily follow any of your further hobby ventures.


legatus hedlius said...

Goodness! Big news indeed. A celebratory drink is called for I think! Don't think of it as a baby, think of it as a future wargames opponent (even girls can be trained- my daughter plays Lord of the Rings!)

Even though I am a serial blogger myself I would also agree that you should keep to just the one blog.

I am just getting back into ECW myself so look forward to seeing your figures.

Unknown said...

Congratulations and may God bless. As for the blog my vote is to go seperate. Personally, I have zero interest in either of your new periods. Although variety is the spice of life, I don't wish to waste time slogging through periods
of boredom.
Keep Tarleton's and move onto your new love on another site.
Best wishes.........Bill

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

I'd keep it all together in one blog. That's what I do. Otherwise your AWI blog will seem abandoned for large periods of time. Also it will make it easier for me to see all of your neato figures in one place.

Congratulations on the new upcoming addition to the family. I think once the initial shock wears off, you'll find yourself with plenty of painting opportunities, just in shorter sessions. There's always time to paint, family comes first of course.

Anonymous said...

Hi Giles,

Firstly congratulations to you and the Kiwi on your excellent news. Parenthood is a life-changing experience and I wish you well.

Secondly, I was intruiged to see the range of diverse views about the choice between continuing the current blog or setting up new ones. Ultimately, the choice will be yours and you shouldn't feel any pressure to explain your decision to anybody.

As a fellow blogger in the hobby I will offer a couple of thoughts that you're welcome to take or leave. Firstly, you've invested a lot of time and effort in building up TQ and its audience/traffic. I suspect that starting afresh with new blogs would not be the most effective leverage of your labours.

Secondly, I'd look into whether your current blogging platform supports categories and/or tags. That way, you'd be able to organize postings about the three different periods into their own sections of the current blog. Then people who were interested in only one specific period could concentrate their attention in the relevant area with ease.

Lastly, I suspect that running three separate blgos would eventually be more stressful and time-consuming than running one. And, believe me, when Giles Jnr arrives, time will become a valuable commodity. So I suppose that what I'm advising from the standpoint of both a parent and a blogger, is stick to just the one blog. But, as they say, YMMV.

Best wishes,

Anonymous said...


Congratulations are indeed in order!

re the blog I'm strongly in favour of keeping it all here. We know where to find you and all your figures and words are inspiring. That I don't collect or game the AWI doesn't stop me enjoying, admiring and being enthused about my own projects having seen yours.

I would hate to see TQ die a slow death how much better to see it develop and flourish in all sort of other areas.


Anonymous said...

HUGE congratulations to you both! Nothing can prepare you both for the work ahead but 3 kids later I cannot imagine life without the!

As for your blog, you have built up a following for excellent miniature painting. (The AWI is not my period but I find any good blog an inspiration which is why I come back every week to check on progress). Keep it simple because you will have enough distractions in the New Year(s)!!

Once again, very happy for you both.


Artilleryman said...

Congratulations on the upcoming 'event' Hopefully it will not dampen your enthusiasm or opportunities too much. My own three did provide a challenge of balance but thanks to an understanding wife things seemed to work out okay and even if only one seems to be becoming a wargamer (at 22) they all have an interest in history.

As far as the blog is concerned I would keep it as it is. There is a lot of 'emotional investment' (as the gurus call it) in the title and you have already dabbled in other periods successfully. I'm primarily a Napoleonic fan but thanks to you I now have British and American brigades for the battle of Brandywine. You may have to change the byeline ('Wargaming the Years of Glory' perhaps) but otherwise keep up the inspirational work.

Peeler said...

Well done and cogratulations to you is life changing, but having two of my own,(12&16) you'll enjoy every moment. Some of them you'l have to look back on to see the enjoyment, but its still there!
Re your blog, entirely up to yourself, but for my twopenneth worth, I'd say stick with this one and stick with the name too..
Best wishes,

Gunfreak said...

OMG we are multiplying, Congrats man, I expect the kid will get paints and figs for the Baptism.
Keep the blog, just expand it.
Looking forward to seeing the new stuff

Andy McMaster said...

Congrats again Giles. I've got a 3 and 1 (on Tuesday) year old and although I find less time to game, am tired all the time, and feel I no longer have a life that doesn't revolve around them - it's all worth it - honest! :)

Keep the blog as is. There's non-AWI content already to no detriment and the tags allow you to find what you want so leave as it be, and as suggested above, amend the tag line to reflect the wider range of interest.

All the best again


Fire at Will said...

Congratulations, it's a long road ahead and I'll completely understand if you miss posting for a while because of other priorities.

As the "owner" of several blogs, I would recommend keeping on with the same blog as it is so well known. Just try to be systematic with your labels so that others can sort through the blog easily and find the specific items they are interested in. FCW is interesting for me even though I will never find the time to paint units for it!

von Peter himself said...

Hello Giles

Congratulations to you and your better half. I trust all will go well.

As for the blog - my vote is to stick with the one for all the reasons already mentioned.

von Peter himself

WSTKS-FM Worldwide said...

Hello Giles,

I agree with what a number of others have suggested. Keep this blog going, just change your focus slightly. And here's to everything going well with the addition to your family in December.

Best Regards,


Anonymous said...


Congratulations - at least this "mini" comes ready painted! Cherish every moment - however tedious, sleep-depriving or smelly, because they are only small for a while - and then before you know it they want to borrow the car!

Yeah, keep the one true blog - Tarleton's Quarter has become a veritable landmark in the wargaming world and to lose it would waste so much valuable time and effort you have put in. Look at splitting it into sections - maybe even add a fourth one for the (increasingly rare) shows you will get to visit.


Ronan the Librarian

Author said...

First off, congrats!

Second... you better get that other army shot we've been waiting for!

Third, I think you should keep it all on one blog; maybe just use your labels so that people can look at the collection they want to look at. I think it would be a shame to break up your work over different blogs.

Dinium said...

Congratulations to you and Mrs Giles, well done. As a new dad I have to say there's tumbleweed blowing across the painting desk at the moment, but my baby more than makes up for lack of painting time. I'll get some painting in at some point!

I would keep the blog as is, no need to splinter it all. Easier being all under one roof.

All the best,


Greg Sapara said...

Let me add my congratulations to you and your wife - wonderful news!

As for the blog, I say continue as you have been. Then newcomers can browse to your earlier postings.


Ubique Matt said...

Congratulations on the forthcoming miniature.

Regarding the blogs, three sites are just as easy to manage as one, but I'm sure fellow devotees of the Giles Allison fan club will follow your progress either way.


airhead said...

Congratulations to both of you, have fun, they soon turn into teenagers.

As for the blog, I would keep it as is, but either way I will still be following in the future.

Get some early night now, while you still can!

All the Best Airhead
(and all the Airhead family) :-)

Anonymous said...

congratulations , but please please keep the blog going it's an inspiration, i have an 8 month old but am still just managing to do a bit of painting , it's just the gaming thats gone out of the window .

and now of course you have a potential opponent .... give a few years

congratulations a gain

nigel B

bachelu said...

It is always difficult to balance one with the other. However, one priority will ultimately overshadow the other. Congratulations.

I have a new blog which is in its very earliest stage.

Edward Alexander

Mark said...

Congratulations but sorry, the painting time will decrease. I would keep the same blog for everything. I enjoy seeing your lastest unit and am also working on Carlists and AWI with occasional colonial forays.

Stryker said...

Keep the same blog - it keeps things simple!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! My boy will be two in just under two weeks and they have been the happiest two years of my life. Every time he sees my miniatures he squeals "little men!", so I have hopes of sharing the hobby with him eventually. Right now he just wants to chew on them though.

As others have said, my preference would be to keep one blog, but I will follow your efforts in whatever form they take. Although I have no interest in the FCW it is still enjoyable for me to view your work and follow the growth of your armies.


honkingweasel said...

congrats on the new addition to the family, we are expecting our first in november so painting curtailments approach too
as regards the blog i think do what ever you like, i think random posts on new projects are great otherwise it can become a bit stale, if you can set up different pages linked that might help the reader
would also like to say that your site has been an inspiration to me, each post is like a potted history with a wealth of information and great painting
keep up the good work

Anonymous said...


However it goes, this is an excellent blog. Thanks for all the work you've put into is. Inspirational!

Theo (not the one you met!)

Anonymous said...


A most sincere congratulations to wife and you. I can completely sympathize with the coming change in life style. Last night my little eager general wanted to help daddy paint and I had to multitask with pay attention to her and paint Queen's Rangers at the same time. Yoga, flexibility and gentle leg holds are good training.

Please post when you can I thoroughly enjoy your work and your insight into the special "little world" we share in.