Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Militia cavalry

These are the Perry militia cavalry, sold in the American AWI range but I can't see any reason why they shouldn't be used for un-uniformed Loyalists.  Looking at the "British Grenadier!" scenarios, you need militia cavalry for Monmouth (4 figures), Camden (6), Petersburg (3), New Garden (20) and Cowpens (8).  The last two scenarios will obviously require some additional figures from other units.  There are 2 packs in the range and you can see that there are 3 basic poses in each pack: hunting shirt leaning forward, coat leaning forward and coat leaning back.  The figures in the two packs have different headgear and sometimes footwear, so the figures aren't exactly the same across the packs.  The right arms are separate so you can customise whether you want officers and buglers etc.  I perhaps didn't vary the angle of these arms as I might have done - they are mainly pointing forward in a "charge" position.  

These are nice, dynamic figures, although they are a fair bit bigger than my Eureka and Foundry AWI cavalry.  The metal is quite soft, which means the swords bend easily and the horses' legs need work to straighten them out.  I spent longer on the greys than I have done before, trying to capture a more realistic impression of what the coats can look like.  Not much more to add, really.  The 4th Continental Light Dragoons are next.

6 figures.  Painted June - August 2017.


Peter Douglas said...

Lovely work on lovely figures. This range is one of my favourites - and I don't even game the AWI. I keep finding ways to morph the packs into SYW units.
Cheers, Peter

Simon said...

Nice work Giles. If the metal is soft the charge positions for the sword arms seem the best. Probably helps protect the swords from risk of damage. I have noticed a lot of flash on Perry figures in the past. Maybe they are casting in a different metal now?

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Those look great Miles! Casting on the new Perry AWI cavalry are thinner then usual.


David said...

Excellent work on those Giles!

Keith Massey said...

Great looking figures. You have really captured what to me is a very realistic appearance.
The horses look very nice indeed.

Antonio Lobo said...

Not my scale, but very nice composition and painting!

Antonio Lobo said...

Why I decided to begin with 1/72 scale?
I don't know but now it's too late.
Thank you for sharing!