Wednesday, 27 January 2016

New York Volunteers

Despite the title of this post, when we have here is my generic loyalist unit that has multiple identities: New York Volunteers, New Yersey Volunteers and North Carolina Volunteers.  Research suggested that all those regiments wore red coats faced dark blue in the post 1779 period (if not earlier) and so I decided that one unit of Perry plastic British infantry with slough hats would do for all of them, given that they appear in different scenarios.  Rather than try to provide a history of each of these regiments, I set out below the "British Grenadier!" scenarios in which they appear:

- New York Volunteers: Hudson Forts (16); Hobkirk's Hill (18); Eutaw Springs (12);
- New Jersey Volunteers, 4th Battalion: Springfield (12);
- North Carolina Volunteers: Stono Ferry (8); Savannah (6).

The "Hudson Forts" scenario is the attack on Fort Washington in November 1776, so it's quite possible that the New York Volunteers were not in their red uniforms at that time.  And the uniforms probably didn't have lace - but as I explained in my general post on loyalists, I'm not really that fussed about lace to be honest, and I've decided to use the Perry British plastic figures for some of my loyalist units.  I wanted these chaps to look more uniform in appearance than the other loyalist units I've painted recently, so the colours of the overalls are the same.  Also, I know the Hobkirk's Hill scenario requires 18 figures, but I had to make a call on whether to base these figures in fours or sixes and I decided fours; which meant I wasn't going to paint 20 just so I'd have the 18 for that scenario.  I'm sure in due course I'll be able to add a couple of singly-based figures.

I expect the red-faced-blue uniform works for other loyalist regiments in the later war period, so if you only want one generic unit to represent loyalists in the south you could do a lot worse than something like this.  On the painting desk at the moment: Dabney's Virginia Legion, the 76th Foot (again) and mounted highland colonels.

16 figures.  Painted December 2015. 



Dalauppror said...

Stunning paintwork !!!

Phil Robinson said...

Superb stuff, and great info as usual.

maciek said...

Great looking figures.
BTW. Don't you think that regiments with blue facings would follow the Royal Warrant and wouldn't revert colors for their drummers ?

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Excellent looking unit Giles!


David said...

Very nice Giles and cleverly generic!

Paulalba said...

Superb Giles, the drummer stands out really well in his reversible!

Simon said...

Brilliant! I like a 'universal soldier'


Jason said...

These are wonderful looking troops Giles. Very impressive!
Best wishes,

Wes Rogers said...


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

These are in the correct dress for the Saratoga campaign - my favorite. Lovely paint job as usual Giles.

Stefan (aka. Monty) said...

Splendid unit, indeed!