Monday, 12 October 2015

3rd New Hampshire

This is my second unit of American troops using the Perry plastic Continentals set.  I have a finished third, a South Carolina regiment, but I need to sort the flag out.  With each unit I've tried out a different set of hats.  The first, the 10th Massachusetts, used round hats and the Carolinians wear peaked caps.  These New Hampshire chaps have tricornes.  I painted the 2nd New Hampshire almost 8 years ago and decided to paint the 3rd simply because I liked the look of the uniforms.  The uniform leaflet in the Perry box shows this green coat and breeches outfit for the New Hampshire regiments and I thought it looked rather neat - it certainly makes a change from brown or dark blue coats.  Online references include brown faced red coats (which were issued at the end of 1778)  and even blue faced green, but I'll happily go with the Perry/Brendan Morrissey information, which I think works for the pre-November 1778 period.  I particularly like the yellow coat of the drummer. 

New Hampshire raised three infantry regiments in 1775 from the state's existing militia, which were quickly taken into the Continental line.   Then, in November 1776, the regiments that had become the 5th, 8th and 2nd Continental Regiments reverted back into being the 1st to 3rd New Hampshire Regiments.   The 3rd Regt saw heavy action during the Saratoga campaign and was present at Monmouth in 1778.   The regiment was disbanded in January 1781.

The standard bearer is a Foundry metal figure, but all the others are Perry plastics.  The green coats were painted with the Foundry palette "70 French Dragoon Green ".  The reason why some of the figures are "march attack" and others are "marching casually" is simply because I wasn't paying attention when putting all the figures together!  For the flag, I used one of my left over 2nd New Hampshire flags - in the relevant GMB pack you get a blue flag and a buff one, and I'd already used the former.  Quindia Studios have a very nice 3rd New Hampshire flag which I should have used (had I spotted it earlier)!

I've just emerged from 4 of the most difficult weeks I've ever had at work, and posting has suffered as a result.  I have a massive backlog of stuff now so I'm making a firm attempt to post at least twice a week.  So coming up are lots and lots of AWI French and Napoleonic French generals.  I've just finished the 2nd Continental Dragoons and currently on the workbench are the loyalist Emmerich's Chasseurs. 

18 figures.  Painted March-May 2015.  Flag by GMB.



Simon said...

Very nice Giles, is just me or do these Perry sculpts look a little 'stiff'?

Hope you are well

Simon said...

Very nice Giles, is just me or do these Perry sculpts look a little 'stiff'?

Hope you are well

David said...

Sorry to hear that work has interfered with the true purpose of life! The unit is quite superb, though I can't warm to plastics myself!

alex sengir said...

Now I'll finish painting the army at this period, and I understand how difficult it is, even if you work with plastic from the brothers. My admiration.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Excellent painting Giles! I really do need to get back to painting my own soon.


Kevin said...

My that is a nice color combo indeed. I also find the drummer with yellow coat very complimentary to the green and brown.


Vinnie said...

Fantastic painting. This is a project myself and the other lads from the Lonely Gamers Club have been wanting to do for a couple of years now. We have the figures but have been painting other bits and pieces instead. I think however we are planning to make our move into AWI new year.

Thanks again for the great images


Anonymous said...

I missed these
Lovely stuff as usual Giles