Thursday 5 April 2012

Camp Frenchmen

Sorry, couldn't resist the title; no doubt many bloggers before me have thought of it. This is a Foundry pack I bought during their last sale. The figures are typical Perry sculpts of 15-odd years ago - compare the anatomy with the Perry Miniatures interloper, the chap eating some cheese (who is a left over from the Young Guard First Voltiguers that I painted a couple of years ago). These figures didn't take long to paint. By pure coincidence I've realised that I have painted them pretty much the same as some other people (Roly Hermans for example), namely grenadiers of a battalion's second company. However, I did look around at other uniforms, and decided that I could paint one of the figures as a member of the artillery train (i.e. the chap in the slate grey tunic holding a mug). Dinium painted a rather fine version of the standing greatcoated figure here. The set comes with some muskets that I forgot to paint!

7 figures. Painted January 2009 (Young Guard voltigeur) and January 2012.


Phyllion said...

Really like these, plenty of character!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your photos of your painted miniatures, really lovely.


Sire Godefroy said...

Some of these might look a bit dated compared with the Perrys' more recent sculpts. However, regarding character and lovely detail they are definitely up to date, if not better than what you find in other series these days.

Recently I picked up miniatures for another AWI regiment, among them older Perry sculpts. Just looking at their faces they instantly provided ideas for little vignettes.

So it's good to see these "oldies" get some love here as well. You did an excellent job, again!


Silver Whistle said...

Some great little extras to help set a scene. Superbly painted as always.

Paulalba said...

Great painting Giles, my brother has the same camp Frenchmen only he stuck them at the back of some cannon to help out.

Not sure what help they would be as they are all sitting around?

AJ (Allan) Wright said...

They look appropriately exhausted! Nicely done.

Consul said...

Hi Giles, I don't suppose you'd be interested in buying some of my Foundry/Perry AWI figures would you? I'm in desperate need of the money and need to sell :(

Let me know,

Rodger said...

Very nice set of figures Giles. Lovely paintwork too.

legatus hedlius said...

...aren't they all!