Tuesday, 22 April 2008


I have been rather remiss at posting pictures from my recent American travels. I appreciate that holiday snaps are not your average blog fodder, but readers may still be interested in a few more pictures of some examples of New England's finest colonial architecture. Furthermore, I do not as yet have any new units to post up, so it's either buildings or nothing for the next few days, I'm afraid (re the painting front: 84th Foot has 3 figures left to go; 8th Virginia has 11 and my first Reb ACW regiment has 5 - they will probably all be finished around the same time next week!).

Whilst we were in Boston the Kiwi particularly wanted to spend a day in Cambridge, primarily to buy a Harvard University sweatshirt but also to see some of the university if we had time. It was there that I found one of the more modelicious (tm - the word means "begging to be modelled in 25mm") colonial-era buildings that we came across - Christ Church. Christ Church was finished in 1761 and contains a pew in which George Washington and his wife Martha are said to have worshipped on New Year's Eve 1775. Apparently the church was vandalised in 1778 when word escaped that a British officer had been buried in it. The buildings was enlarged in the 1820s and in revolutionary times would have had only 5 windows (or fewer) along each side. This building really would make a neat model and I showed these photos to the Tablescape chaps at Salute, who were suitably enthusiastic.


Anonymous said...

The top picture of the church is a fine piece of photography in its own right! No need to apologise!

Anonymous said...

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