Monday, 28 January 2008

American 3-pounder limber

This is the Perry Miniatures limber and 3-pounder. Perry make two sets, one for each side. The cannon in the British pack is covered up with canvas and so can't be used on the tabletop for a gun in action; however there is nothing to prevent the American gun for being used on the ground. The only problem with doing so is that the limber itself is then suspended in thin air...... The two artillery men make quite nice "add-ons", one looking bored and the other looking annoyed at having to put his coat back on. This latter figure is the same sculpt as one of the figures in the British drag-rope pack, with a Continental head-swap. The hedges in the background are made by an Australian chap called Barry; I will feature his terrain pieces, including some astonishing grape-vines, in more detail in a future post.

Painted January 2008.


Gallowglass said...

Outstanding as always Giles!!

legatushedlius said...

I've just realised what really excellent eyes you paint, Giles!

Fire at Will said...

Great painting, but I can't help wondering how efficient it is towing a gun this way. It must either put quite a strain on the horse or the gun is unstable over rough ground.