Sunday, 14 October 2007

Current wip

"I'm going to take a short break from the AWI" - who was I kidding? As Michael Corleone would have put it (had he been a wargamer), every time I think I've got out, the period pulls me back in. I've realised that the problem is that I regard anything that is not AWI-related as a waste of time. Yes, I could finish off Newcastle's Whitecoats, but in the time it would take to do that I could paint another British Saratoga regiment. In any event, the cancellation of SELWG and the ongoing nightmare that is the British postal services means that I am not able to acquire the other few packs of figures that I need to complete the regiment. So the Whitecoats are being bumped off until later in the year and I've spent the past couple of weeks feverishly painting more AWI stuff. This happily means that there are lots of pics to come over the next few days. It's also made me wonder whether I could paint all the lead I've bought this year before the end of December - that really would be a first.

On Monday or Tuesday there will be photos of more Foundry civilians, followed by Conquest Miniatures' mounted Iroquois (see the pic above) and some rather angry frontiersmen and settlers. After those, hopefully early next week some time, will be the two Hessian regiments that I wanted to finish off. I think I'll then crack on with the 62nd Foot and another, as yet unidentified, American regiment. I bought the figures for the Hessian von Bose regiment at Colours, so want to paint that unit by the end of the year. Incidentally, I am half way through Mark Urban's "Fusiliers" and it is outstanding, so go out and buy it!


Anonymous said...


Love your work. Any chance you'll do a painting tutorial post? What I mean is a step by step pictorial record of how you paint your models?

legatus hedlius said...

Love the Appaloosa!