Sunday, 25 March 2007

American riflemen (1)

I have two 10-figure units of skirmishing American riflemen (all Perry figures). The second, which isn't quite finished yet, is based on 25mm x 50mm bases, i.e. the standard "British Grenadier" size for top grade skirmishers. For this unit I wanted to play around with the basing a bit and add some scenery to give them a more "upstate New York" feel. In any event, the Perry packs include two prone figures, which don't really fit onto a smaller base. I've played enough games of "British Grenadier" to realise that skirmisher base sizes don't really matter that much.

These are great sculpts. I have tried to base them in logical pairs, with one figure moving and the other covering him or preparing to fire. The tree trunks are from Redoubt; I have found that once you start using them on bases it's very difficult to stop. The logs are from Wapping Park (or the strip of grass that is as close as you get to a park in East London). The figures were fun to paint. I gave a couple of them Iroquois patterned bags to emphasise the irregular, self-equipped look. 10 figures. Painted May 2006.

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Greg Sapara said...


As always, wonderful job!!

I've started my collection for BG, and if you are ever in my neck of the woods (New Jersey, USA) would love to have a game!

I've started with Grenadiers for the battle of Bunker Hill, and will continue through each unit until I have the entire OB done.

If I ever figure out how to use my digital camera, I'll try to post a few photos somewhere for your enjoyment.