Monday, 30 April 2007

1815 French Command (2)

The second vignette is designed as a generic corps or division staff set. The 4 ADCs are in a variety of uniforms; from left to right are an officer of the 5th Hussars, a Voltigeur of the Imperial Guard, and ADC in regulation(ish) ADC uniform and lastly a figure in a modified light cavalry ADC uniform which is based on a painting of Captain de Dreux-Nancre, the ADC to General de Division Gudin (from Osprey's "Napoleon's Commanders 2" again). Seated at the table are two Adjutant-Commandants. The figures are all from the Perry "Support Staff" pack, save for the walking adjutant who is the 6th figure from the "Staff and Generals Dismounted" set. The base size is again 100mm x 100mm.

Painted February-March 2007.

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legatushedlius said...

The figures are fabulous, of course, but what a wonderful base to set them off. It's a work of art in itself!