Thursday, 19 April 2007

Almost there.....

Apologies for the lack of posts this week. Virtually every waking moment I have not spent at work has been taken up with finishing the Napoleonics for Salute, so my usual weekend photo sessions did not result in as many pics as usual. Here as a taster is a shot of my 42nd Foot, a monster 36-figure regiment that I will take more photos of at the weekend for posting early next week. The past couple of weeks have actually been a bit of a slog, as I've been getting up at 6am to fit in more painting and basing before going to work.

All the painting for Salute is now finished, and the basing is almost complete. The main Napoleon stand is not quite what I had originally intended - lack of time (and, let's be honest, modelling skill) meant that my idea of having Napoleon and Soult surveying the battlefield on the crest of a small escarpment didn't make it into the final layout. Instead, everyone is on the same ground level, which means that the Guard Chasseur escort looks a bit in the way. I'm also concerned that the vignette is a bit too "busy" (i.e. messy), but readers can opine when I get photos up at the weekend (or tell me in person at Salute!). Perhaps it will look better once all the grass and foliage are added. The two smaller stands of officers and staff look better I think. More of a worry is whether the table will actually be able to accommodate all three stands - the total area required is 250mm x 300mm. The order of battle tells me that there are 650 cavalry alone on the table, never mind all the infantry and guns, so space is going to be at a premium.....But in any event the game is bound to be pretty spectacular.

I will take photos of Salute and post those too. In the meantime, many thanks for the emails and comments people have sent in response to the blog. The blog is good fun to do, so I hope it's being of some use. As a couple of people know, I've deliberately not posted any "how I paint" articles because everyone uses different paints and techniques and other wargamers certainly don't need me telling them how to suck eggs. Also, blogging (and the links people have sent me) has introduced me to many other blogs and websites which confirm the view I have from visiting shows that the standard of painting in the hobby is very high. But if there is anything you'd particularly like to see then let me know.


alex said...

Are those 28s or 15s?

Giles said...

They are 28mm figures, Alex, from Perry Miniatures.


Stokes Schwartz said...

Hi there Giles,

I envy you getting to paint and collect all of those lovely Waterloo Era-Napoleonic figures. Salute will go well, I'm sure. Looking forward to some photos from the event.

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Callum said...

Looking good as usual, cant wait for more photos!

Unfortunately I can't make it to Salute which is a bugger cos I'd love to see the Waterloo game! But best of luck with everything tomorrow!