Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Iroquois (2)

This is pack "AW 30" from the Perry range, the first Iroquois pack. They are lovely sculpts and very rewarding to paint. These were the first woodland indians I painted and caused a complete change in the way I paint flesh. I had previously used the Foundry 3-colour "Flesh" palette, with a chestnut wash. That was quick to use and worked ok, although if not handled correctly the wash could leave too dark a brown colour. I quickly realised that this method would not work on large areas of flesh and I began experimenting with other flesh tones as well as mixing the Foundry colours to give a more blended look. The result is that I now use a base of Games Workshop's "Tanned Flesh" over which a nut brown wash is added. Highlights are then provided by Coat D'Arms "Suntanned Flesh", then "Dwarf Flesh" and finally the Foundry B colour from their Flesh palette. The indians here used those colours together with some Foundry C mixed in as a further highlight. This combination of paints gives a far more natural look I think; the difference can be seen when comparing the faces of my older figures (such as the militia in the post below) to my newer ones.

As with the Conquest woodland indian figures, I looked at relevant Osprey books and Robert Griffing's painting to check on war-paint markings and embroidery for leggings and bags. I tried to provide the figures with a lot of decoration on their clothes and equipment, as that was how they looked. I have based them on 25mm x 25mm bases, the standard size for non-elite skirmishers in the "British Grenadier!" rules.

6 figures. Painted May 2006.

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Stokes Schwartz said...

Good Morning Giles,

Marvelous figures! And I especially like the way you painted the eyess. Very convincing.

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Stokes Schwartz