Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Dutch 6th Hussars

This is the second regiment of Dutch-Belgian cavalry I painted for the Salute game. It incorporates 6 figures representing the Volunteer Light Dragoons (in the second rank wearing green and orange uniforms), men who were attached to Dutch cavalry regiments in small numbers. These troops, and their trumpeter on his grey horse, can be seen in the picture above right. Unlike the Belgian 5th Dragoons, I gave each squadron of the hussars a separate horse colour - chestnuts, bays and blacks. The light dragoons, being self-equipped volunteers, have their own horses. In the Waterloo game at Salute this unit waited patiently until the very last turn of the game, when it engaged and defeated an elite regiment of French Carabiniers due to a very lucky dice roll! These were quite fiddly figures to paint, particularly the horse furniture with the royal "W" cyphers.

24 figures. Painted January and April 2007.

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