Sunday, 28 January 2007

Queen's Rangers Hussars

The Queen's Rangers was a loyalist regiment, originally raised by Robert Rogers of French & Indians Wars' fame but commanded during the AWI by Major Simcoe. Initially an infantry unit, a Hussar troop was added to the Queen's Rangers in early 1778. Three troops of light dragoons were raised a couple of years later, but the cavalry arm remained relatively small (although irregular units of loyalist horse seem to have been attached to the Queen's Rangers at various times). The hussar troop seems to have averaged between 30 and 80 men. The hussar cap was apparently adopted when a Hessian rifleman shot a Queen's Ranger after mistaking him for a Continental cavalryman on account of the similarity in their respective headgear. The Hussars fought at Monmouth in 1778 and then throughout the war up to Yorktown.
The second photo above shows one of Alan Perry's "self-potraits", that pop up in his AWI figures (and no doubt in other ranges too). I painted these Perry Miniatures figures a couple of years ago and my method for painting faces was very different to what it is now. I used to use the Foundry 3 colour flesh palette with a chestnut wash whereas now I use a mix of 4 to 5 Games Workshop/Foundry and Coat D'Arms flesh tones with a dark brown wash. This latter method gives more subtle results I think.

6 figures. Painted October 2004. 

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Militia Light Dragoon said...

I have a few questions the reference I have seen references to 3 light dragoon troops and one hussar troop. Didi you decide to make them all husars? I have also heard mention of an attempt to raise a second hussar troop in Virginia. I would rather paint them ,like you, as an all hussar regiment (simplicty sake and for a lack of identification issues on the tabletop with my British Legion). Another question is how would they rate in British Grenadier! (Line or 2nd Line)? Also would Simcoe rate excellent?