Monday, 8 January 2007

7th Pennsylvania Regiment

This regiment typifies the problems of research into the uniforms worn by Continental units. According to Blandford's "Uniforms of the American Revolution" by Mollo & McGregor, "in the winter of 1776/77, the former 6th Pennsylvania Battalion was reformed as the 7th Pennsylvania Regiment. Under this title it served until January 1781. The regimentals of the corps appear to have been blue with red facings..." Hmm..ok, but no authority is given for this statement. An online search revealed a few sites which thought the regiment was uniformed in brown faced red regimentals. Again, not much in the way of evidence and "brown faced red" seems to be a default option for Pennsylvanian units just as "blue faced red" is the default option for Virginian regiments. Perhaps they wore neither. So who knows?

I plumped for brown faced red because I already have lots of blue faced red units and fancied a change. Also, I had found a flag that was specifically advertised as being that of the 7th Pennsylvania and its deep red colour sits better with the brown and red coats. The rank-and-file figures are from Foundry's "militia standing easy" packs. Painted September 2006. 20 figures. Flag by Flag Dude (available in the UK from TM Terrain, already attached to the pole and "furled").

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