Sunday, 7 January 2007

23rd Foot, "Royal Welch Fusiliers"

The 23rd Foot fought extensively in the war and was present at the battles of Lexington/Concord in 1775, Fort Washington, Brandywine, Camden, Guilford Courthouse and finally Yorktown in 1781. These Perry figures show the regiment as it might have looked in campaign dress from 1777/78 onwards. The unit's unique emblem is clear - the Prince of Wales' feathers in the soldiers' slouch hats, which makes this unit very distinctive on the tabletop. I have repeated the feathers motif on the back-flap of the soldiers' knapsacks (no one knows for sure what decoration these flaps had, but this seemed one possible option). Painted July/August 2006. 18 figures. Flags by GMB.

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