Saturday, 27 January 2007

Current wip

The sun came out earlier and brighter than expected this morning which means I had to stop taking photos (you can see the rather odd lighting effects this causes in some of the shots in previous posts). Consequently I have a slight shortage of photos, although next week will see posts on the Queen's Rangers Hussars, Hartley's Additional Regiment, some British Grenadiers and a few Indian chiefs. In the meantime, here's a work in progress shot of Sherburne's Additional Regiment which is currently taking a back seat to my Napoleonic commitments and may or may not be finished any time soon (I also need to order the figures for the rest of the regiment from Foundry).
Below is a shot of the Napoleon figure from Perry's 1815 French range, which I painted this morning and isn't even varnished or based yet! I'm working on the rest of the pack this weekend, although I won't be basing them until I see the latest Perry releases, as they include several more packs of high command and staff figures. Putting all these figures together into 3 or 4 interlocking vignettes will take careful planning.


Grand Duchy of Stollen 1768 said...

Hello Giles,

That's a suitably concerned looking Napoleon you've painted. Good work, and it will be neat to see how your multiple French staff bases shape up. I asssume you'll include Ney, Grouchy, D'Erlon and the rest?

Best Regards,

Stokes Schwartz

Giles said...

Thanks Stokes. Yes, Alan Perry is making all kinds of stuff for the French high command: pages, servants, aides, senior officers hanging around etc. The difficulty will be in ensuring the table doesn't get too cluttered up.

You're right about Napoleon. He's clearly just realised that it's Blucher and not Grouchy...