Tuesday, 30 January 2007

Hartley's Additional Regiment


"Additional" regiments were units raised regionally but not adopted by any particular state or assigned numbers on the regular Continental establishment. Sixteen such regiments were raised in January 1777, all named after their commanding officers. Thomas Hartley's Additional Regiment took its recruits from Pennsylvania, eastern Maryland and Delaware. It was assigned to Anthony Wayne's brigade and fought at Brandywine and Paoli before being posted to the Pennsylvania frontier in 1778 to guard against Iroquois incursions. In January 1779 the regiment was incorporated into a new 11th Pennsylvania Regiment, along with the remnants of Patton's Additional Regiment. A May 1777 edition of the Pennsylvania Gazette refers to a uniform of blue regimentals faced white.

This regiment is listed in the "British Grenadier" Brandywine scenario as a skirmish unit. In the "British Grenadier" rules, Continental regulars rate as second class (i.e. non-elite) skirmishers and when firing roll one set of dice per 3 figures. Therefore I have based this unit on 3 bases of 3 figures each, base size being 25mm x 75mm. The figures are my usual mix of Foundry, Perry and Eureka and include a couple of Perry hunting shirt types. Painted February 2006. 9 figures.

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