Wednesday, 9 May 2007

Civilians (2)

Whilst I finish off the next pack of newish Foundry civilians, I thought it might be instructive to compare the Duellists below with some of the older Foundry Seven Years War figures, one of which I only finished off painting last month. These 5 sculpts are by Mark Copplestone and are from the Prussian part of the SYW range. They (or at least some of them) were originally released some 10 years ago as part of the original Guernsey Foundry SYW range. In those days the figures were sold separately, which is how I acquired the preacher. Now these figures can be found in two packs. All save the preacher come from the "Prussian Vignette" pack (which includes two Prussian officers which feature on my Hessian generals stands). The preacher can be found in the "Camp Followers" pack (which includes 3 cantinieres, an army policeman and a femme fatale).

Compared to the new Rob Baker sculpts, these figures are far better proportioned and more "25mm", although the hands are still on the large side (just look at the size of that raised fore-finger!). But I like these sculpts a lot, particularly the preacher and the oppressed Hessian servant. Incidentally, I see that these close-up shots show the danger of not giving a finished figure a final check to ensure any excessive black-lining is corrected. The Hessian servant in particular has suffered from over-zealous black-lining and as soon as I saw this picture on my screen I went and tidied him up! Painted April 2007 (the preacher) and August 2005 (all the others).

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