Wednesday, 23 May 2007

Civilians (3)

These are the figures from another un-released Foundry pack, "Townsfolk" or "CIV6". These are again Rob Baker sculpts and exhibit his sculpting tics - large hands, calves and bottoms, and fingers the length of rolling pins. I think the best figure is the woman, although her backside is even bigger than J-Lo's. I also have no idea what she's supposed to be carrying. The uniform of the crippled soldiers is that of the Albany Militia Regiment, c.1745-63, which I found in Osprey's "Colonial American Troops (2). I did some quick and dirty internet research on the breed of pigs that might have existed in 1770s New York, but I won't bore you with it and in the end just went for an average "pink" pig. I quite like the scene of the kid running away from the pig's lawful owner, although I'm not sure why the butcher/shopkeeper is carrying a bottle of wine; a meat cleaver or ham joint would seem more appropriate.

Painting the running kid made me think that £10 for a pack containing 5 adults and 1 child was pretty poor measure even by Foundry standards - the Perries will usually throw in a kid or two "free" with their civilians packs, which cost less in any event. Then again, the sculpts are so huge that the Foundry pack probably contains more metal. The figures vary in height. The irate shopkeeper and old soldier are 28mm from head to toe whilst the other adults are easily 30mm tall (just to the top of the head, not even to the top of the tricornes). The woman measures 32mm to the top of her hat. Another difficulty with these new Foundry figures is that the metal is very hard and quite un-bendable. That creates problems because I've noticed that quite a few of the figures lean forwards and ideally you would want to bend them back a bit; examples here are the shopkeeper and town crier. Nevertheless, these figures do have a certain charm and "character" and at least the quality of this range is consistent...

6 figures. Painted May 2007.

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Anonymous said...

Very disappointed that the writing on the town crier's handbill wasn't clearer......


Nice job, as usual!