Monday, 14 May 2007

American militia (2)

Although there are plenty of "minutemen" figures available in 25mm, one way of modelling a militia battalion is to throw in a few figures in the same uniform. This then creates a unit that can double-up as a ragged or newly-raised Continental regiment. I have a couple of units that can "swing both ways", as either militia or a state regiment. Foundry make "uniformed militia" packs that are perfect for such use, not least because they don't have bayonets, and these figures are largely a mix of the "uniformed militia marching" and "marching minutemen" packs. The officer, fifer and standard bearer are Perry figures. When painting the faces of these figures I tried to make them look more than a little apprehensive at the thought of marching into battle with seasoned redcoats. The flag marks the men out as a Virginia regiment (the legend says "Virginia for constitutional liberty"). I used blue faced buff for the uniform coats as that scheme is pretty generic and seems to have been fairly common.

16 figures. Painted March 2006. Flag by GMB.


Allan (AJ) Wright said...

I have one or two similarly-formed units. Versatility is a great thing to have in your units when you're trying to field historical orders of battle.

asgard636 said...

A great unit, Giles: What paint do you use or your buff facings?

Giles said...

Asgard, I use the Foundry "buff" palette with a final extra highlight of "buff c" mixed with a little white. Very easy to do. Occasionally I mix thing sup by using those colours over a light brown base and finishing up with a purer white highlight. I have a sergeant whose breeches were painted like that in one of the Maryland regiments I think (not posted yet).