Wednesday, 2 May 2007

Last Napoleonics...

at least for now. There are a few packs I bought for Salute which I didn't manage to finish which I want to complete at some stage this year, but I have now returned to the AWI where I intend to remain for the forseeable future. I thought I'd put up a couple of photos of bits and bobs that I brought along to the Waterloo game. Above are figures from the "Cavalry casualties" pack from the Perry Dutch-Belgian range. Below are photos of one of the Imperial Orderlies from the 1815 French range. There are two other Imperial Orderlies in the set which I will add to some corps or divisional command stands at some stage. I noticed that this chap seemed to move about the game - I'm not sure whether he had any specific gaming function, but I suppose you could use a figure like this when rolling to see whether changes of orders are successfully relayed. The rider and horse are one casting and I noticed that the horse is a fair bit bigger than other horses in the 1815 ranges (it makes Napoleon's horse look quite small, for example). Incidentally, this is the only cavalry figure I have ever painted (I think) with black reins and harness; for some reason I just prefer dark brown. These figures were all painted in March and April 2007.

AWI painting has already resumed, although it will take a few more days for the first figures to complete the process from blister pack to photography parade ground. I enjoyed painting Napoleonics, but it is a bit of a relief to return to painting what I feel like without any deadlines. First up will be a pack of civilians from Foundry (which hasn't been officially released yet), the latest Perry British artillery (when I finish the guns) and Sherburne's Additional Regiment. After that will be more civilians, the 4th Foot and perhaps another Continental unit - I haven't thought that far ahead yet! I'm hoping to have the civilians posted to the blog by the end of the week, as they're rather fun...

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Stokes Schwartz said...


Yep, I agree on the dark brown vs. black reins. Although the former look better, I'm ashamed to say I usually leave them black myself. Enjoy your return to painting for fun rather than dealines. I've sure enjoyed ogling your Napoleonics though. Really nice work.

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Stokes Schwartz