Thursday, 8 February 2007


Here are some shots of the Magua figure from the Conquest "Last of the Mohicans" pack. I have some other Conquest figures still waiting to be painted, specifically their Saux/Fox and Iroquois packs. At Salute in April I'm hoping to pick up some other F&IW releases, such as the Rogers' Rangers, frontiersmen and settlers figures. All those will be based individually for use either in F&IW games or as skirmishing militia in the AWI. I see Conquest are releasing packs of French marines; I will need to do some research into whether they can also be employed into AWI militia service (perhaps Frenchmen who settled in the colonies and have now put on their old uniforms to take a few last shots at the Redcoats?).

Still to come are photos of the Perry rank-and-file Iroquois. I spent several weeks churning out Perry and Conquest indians over the summer last year. I had just finished a couple of large units of Hessians and fancied painting something totally different. I enjoyed painting the indians so much that I didn't stop until I had finished seven packs of them. One of my targets for this year is to paint up the rest of the two ranges - another pack of Iroquois and a pack of the Stockbridge tribe from Perry and half a dozen packs from Conquest. That will give me about 100 woodland indians in total. No idea why I need that many (the Oriskany scenario requires about 50), but they are all very nice figures....

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Andrew said...

I like the striped blanket pattern you did here. The Wes Studi likeness really come through with your paint.