Sunday, 4 February 2007

The Delaware Regiment

The state of Delaware only contributed one regiment to the Continental army. It was commanded by Colonel John Haslet until his death at Princeton in December 1776, at which point it was reformed under the command of Colonel David Hall. The regiment seems to have served well but suffered heavy losses at Camden in 1780. Various sources indicate that a uniform of blue coats faced red was worn, with the tricornes bound in yellow lace. Mollo states that this was one of the best uniformed and equipped in the army. I have various regiments in coats that are blue faced red, but this battalion is the smartest!

I wanted to paint this unit as a better-clothed Continental regiment, and so the figures are strictly Foundry and Perry Continental types - no militia or ragged Eureka figures. That said, the pointing officer is from Eureka's small "Marbleheaders" range - he was going spare and seemed to fit in quite well. I painted the stand on the far right of the line back in 2004 and don't really know why I waited until last year to add the rest of the regiment. Painted April 2006. 20 figures. Flag by GMB.

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Anonymous said...

Great looking figs! What GMB flag did you use for this Delaware regiment?