Friday, 2 February 2007

Indian chiefs

This is the woodland indian chiefs pack from the Perry range. At some stage I hope to do separate posts for Joseph Brand and Red Jacket (the chap in the blue jacket....), once I've done some research into their lives. The mounted chief is Mad Dog. These are lovely sculpts and I really enjoyed painting them. In the "British Grenadier" rules command and control are very important and the presence of a unit commander will have an immediate impact on his troops' morale and ability to press home charges. Indians in particular need to be controlled quite tightly as they are rated "second line" due to their unpredictable nature. Whilst the rank and file are based individually on square 25mm x 25mm bases, I decided to base the chiefs on round pennies so that they would be easily identifiable in a game. One chief is on a square base because I will not need more than 3-4 chiefs in any one game so thought I'd just add this chap to the ranks. Painted July 2006. 6 figures.

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