Tuesday, 6 February 2007

George Washington

I will not attempt to write a potted biography of George Washington, so I shall stick to commenting on this vignette. C-in-C bases for "British Grenadier" are 70mm x 60mm, although to be honest you can use whatever size you like. The Perry twins brought their George Washington vignette along to the Monmouth re-fight in November 2004 and it was a huge affair including a very impressive tree. My command stands tend to follow the same pattern of either the general with a mounted aide and another on foot or the general with 3 aides on foot. This is a bit different. All the figures are from the Foundry range. Washington is accompanied by the General Gates figure from the Continental personalities pack and I have given him a guard and a sergeant carrying Washington's headquarters flag. Both wear the blue faced red coats of a typical Virginian regiment.

There is some historical doubt (from what I can tell) about exactly when this flag was created, but Washington seems to have used a flag of 13 stars on a dark blue field as his personal C-in-C marker. Sources indicate that there were several different variations of the flag, and this one is reported to have been seen in Valley Forge. Some suggest that this flag is the origin of the stars in the US "stars and stripes". There is another flag described as being that of "the Comander in Chief's Guard", which shows Liberty, and eagle and a soldier holding a white horse, all on a white field. Flag Dude makes this flag but as yet no company makes figures in the exact uniform of Washington's Guard to go with it! I bought this other flag, so hopefully at some stage I will have some proper guard figures to go around this vignette.

Painted February 2006. Flag by GMB.


painterman said...

Brilliant site - have been regular visitor since my discovery of it 3 weeks ago- as have been collecting modest AWI forces over similiar period. The Gen Washington vignette you cited at NAM Monmouth game was in fact mine, actually on a base on marginally larger than you're using, but of an uneven shape and intended to 'interlock' with my other (smaller) command vignettes.
Always happy to be confused with the Perrys however!

Giles said...

Hi Simon! Thanks for your kind words of encouragement. I can vividly remember your George Washington - hugely impressive, with a mounted dragoon/guard carrying the flag. I think someone said that the Perries had brought along the vignette, which made me assume it belonged to them (and I also assumed it was painted by Dave Woodward!).

I'm interested to know how your interlocking command vignettes work - any further info?

Consul said...

This looks like the 'Clinton' model available from Foundry!