Thursday, 15 February 2007

Adjoints and others

Here are a couple more shots of my latest attempts at the new Perry 1815 staff packs. The first shows Drouot, Ney and Soult and the others below show various staff officers. Of those, the two figures standing are adjoints (the chap with the telescope is painted as an adjoint of the Imperial Guard). The pair sitting writing orders are adjutant-commandants, with an ADC in the background. Each army division seems to have had an adjutant-commandant in charge of the staff work and he was assisted by a couple of adjoints. These Perry sculpts seem to show a mix of campaign dress and almost full dress. According to the relevant Osprey, the colour of the adjutant-commandants' cuffs and collars was blue on service dress and red on full dress. I gave one of the figures red facings just for variety.

I gave up searching for a perfect acrylic French blue and decided to stick with the Foundry deep blue palette (my default blue for AWI Continentals, Hessians and pretty much anything else blue). The shade of blue seen here is lighter than it should be, but I prefer slightly brighter-than-life colours as they help the figures stand out on the tabletop. Varnish and photography darken the blue a bit anyway. Purists will also point out that the breeches should probably be a light buff colour rather than pure white. Again, I made a call to just go with white because it was easier and I'd already painted a couple of layers when I realised they should be buff....None of these figures are based as I will do that when I decide how to base all the staff figures once they are all painted. Currently on the painting desk are various ADCs and the Chasseur guards. Once those are finished I might post a pic of the whole vignette to see how it's looking so far.

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