Friday, 27 May 2016

5th Virginia

The 5th Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment follows a similar story to the other regiments I have been featuring this week.  It was formed in May 1861, with men drawn from Augusta and Frederick Counties in the Shenandoah.  Like the 2nd Virginia, it was assigned to what became known as the Stonewall Brigade and fought in the usual campaigns: Bull Run, Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battle, Early's Shenandoah operations and Appomattox.  The regiment suffered 16% losses at Gettysburg.  In the "Guns of Gettysburg" scenario book that I'm using to build up Jackson's Shenandoah army, the 5th Virginia appears as a 24-figure unit in three scenarios - Kernstown, First Winchester and Port Republic.  For these larger 24-figure units I like to add an additional officer or two at the end of the line.  Something I haven't quite mastered yet is doing the squiggly gold braid that goes up the sleeves of Confederate officers.  That's basically why my Jackson command figures hasn't been finished yet!  

Again, I think these are mostly the later-painted figures.  I see perhaps one that may have been a 1998-er.  The choice of flag was dictated by the short size of the cast-on flag pole

24 figures.  Painted May-July 2012.  Flag by GMB




Will McNally said...

Nice units and good luck with the squiggly braid

David said...

I've run out of superlatives to express my admiration for your work, Giles! Let's just settle on wonderful!