Wednesday, 25 May 2016

2nd Virginia

The 2nd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in Charles Town, West Virginia in April 1861.  It was a founding regiment of the "Stonewall Brigade".  The 2nd Virginia fought at Bull Run and participated in many of the famous engagements of the Army of Northern Virginia: Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battles, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Early's Shenandoah campaign of 1864 and the Appomattox campaign.  At Gettysburg the Stonewall Brigade was in Johnson's division in Ewell's II Corps and attacked Culp's Hill on the second and third days of the battle.  Apparently Private John Wesley Culp was in the 2nd Virginia and he was killed close to his uncle's farm on the hill that bore his family's name.

The 2nd Virginia features in the following "Guns of Gettysburg" Jackson scenarios: Kernstown (16 figures), Port Republic (12), Front Royal (24) and First Winchester (24).  Most, if not all, of these figures are the product of my 2012 Dixon ACW splurge.  I copied a couple of more complicated blanket roll designs from some Don Troiani paintings.  It was while putting this unit together that I realised I was painting too many light blue trousers (or "pants", as I think Americans call them), which I gather weren't actually worn much by Confederate infantry.  I do like the dynamic feel of this unit - the Dixon range at its best.

24 figures.  Painted May-July 2012.  Flag by GMB. 



Simon Jones said...

Hello Giles,
Really nice unit. The Confederates used captured blue Union trousers, some probably being stripped front the dead by individuals. Some units in Confederate service even had to be stopped from wearing Union blue sack coats by their high command. The Union light blue great coats were also common wear, the Confederates being short of everything. It seems the various 'Rebel' states refused to cloth units from other States even if they were in rags. They also had logistics problems getting new uniforms to the troops at the front.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Morning Giles,

Yes, "pants" is the common word in the American variety of English. Another terrific unit. You really bring them to life.

Best Regards,


legatus hedlius said...

I keep trying to resist the ACW! This doesn't help. Lovely figures!

CelticCurmudgeon said...

Lovely job, Giles...truly lovely. The wearing of the light blue trousers was something of a bit of historic interest. The first troops to appear for the CSA wore whatever was to hand which included militia uniforms, home spun wear, and even the occasional pair of pants that they had worn while on service in the Federal Army. Later some states like North Carolina produced real uniforms with NC having a surplus of some 35,000 uniforms in their easily recognizable, light blue gray color at the end of the war. Many soldiers took the trousers off Union dead or from captured commissary supplies when their own uniforms became ragged. Wargames Foundry makes some nice colors for the period. As for too many light blue trousers - you can always paint over a few if you are bothered by them!
Once again - a great job.

David said...

Another fine unit,Giles! You can almost hear the Rebel Yell!

Steve-the-Wargamer said...

Nicer than my version!

Russ justice said...

That's a really nice mix of uniforms, just how I imagine how Rebs would look! A mix of home spun/civilian clothing whatever could be begged borrowed or stolen! Be it from people who are dead or alive!