Thursday, 26 May 2016

23rd Virginia

The 23rd Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was formed in May 1861, recruiting in Richmond and surrounding areas.  As with the other units I've been posting about, the 23rd spent most of the war on service with the Army of Northern Virginia, fighting in  Lee's Cheat Mountain Campaign, Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battles, Early's Shenandoah Valley Campaign and finally ending the war at Appomattox.  The regiment fought at Gettysburg in Steuart's brigade in Johnson's division in Ewell's II Corps.

The 23rd appears in the following Valley Campaign scenarios: McDowell (8 figures), Kernstown (10), First Winchester (24) and Port Republic (24).  I think all these figures were newly painted in 2012.  Despite the rather ginormous right hands, I like the marching Dixon figures as you can achieve huge variety among the same basic couple of poses (if you ignore the fact that everyone seems to have tears in their trousers in the same places).  I suspect the frock-coated chaps with their right left forward are Union figures, but I think they work ok.

24 figures.  Painted May-July 2012. Flag by Adolfo Ramos.




Simon Jones said...

Again, very nice unit Giles.

I do not mind the Dixon figures, the just do not mix with other manufacturers well.


Heinz-Ulrich von Boffke said...

Very impressed by your tartan blankets rolled around the shoulders of a few figures. Well done!

Best Regards,


Russ justice said...

I'm impressed, that is one heck of a nice collection!