Tuesday, 24 May 2016

21st Virginia

The 21st Virginia Volunteer Infantry Regiment was raised in June/July 1861 and took recruits from the city of Richmond and neighbouring counties.  It saw action as part of the Army of Northern Virginia, participating in Jackson's Valley Campaign, the Seven Days' Battles and then Early's Shenandoah Valley campaign in the summer of 1864.  At Gettysburg, the regiment was in Edward Johnson's division in Ewell's II Corps and lost heavily in the Confederate attacks on Culp's Hill.

The 21st Virginia appears in a few of the Valley Campaign scenarios: Kernstown (14 figures), McDowell (16), Cross Keys (24) and First Winchester (24).  Numerate readers will notice that I am 4 figures short, as there are only 20 figures here.  I can't explain that mistake, and it's too late now to As with the 15th Alabama, this unit contains many of the figures I painted in 1998, although I think there are a few more of the 2012 ones in the front row.  The flag is an interesting from GMB.  I needed a small flag as there isn't much space on the cast-on flag pole on the officer figure.  All I can find out about it is that this was a battle version of the First Confederate National Flag, and one was captured by Union forces at the Battle of Pea Ridge (fought in March 1862) in Arkansas.  So I don't know if any regiments in Jackson's command would have carried it, although it seems perfectly possible.

20 figures.  Painted June-July 1998 and May-July 2012. Flag by GMB.



Michael Awdry said...

What a tremendous unit Giles.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice looking regiment Giles! Keep them coming.


David said...

A fine looking body of men!