Monday, 4 January 2010

Third year anniversary

A happy new year to all readers. Today is the third anniversary of this blog and may I also say a big "thank you" to everyone who reads, comments, and emails - as I know is the case with other bloggers, the interaction that comes from internet activity is very part of the fun and the reason why bloggers do this. I've learnt much from the information people have provided here and it is much appreciated. 2009 was certainly a busy year for many of the bloggers whose sites I visit - new arrivals for Stokes and Dinium as well as myself.

I believe it is customary at this stage in the year to do a round up of the year's painting. I've been very pleased with how the First Carlist War collection has come along since I started in April. The Sudan faded rather once the FCW kicked in, but I've enjoyed returning to the AWI at various times and working on the English Civil War gave me some useful painting experience in a couple of areas (I still haven't posted the artillery and command stuff I've painted). Next year will bring more of the same, I expect, only in smaller quantities. I suspect there will be more of a focus on AWI, given the forthcoming French and other goodies from Perry and some nice titbits from Eureka. Naps are unlikely to return in the forseeable future, and the First Crusade and ECW will remain projects to turn to as the desire grabs me (which it will). I don't believe in New Year's Resolutions (although I did manage to give up alcohol for a whole 2 weeks several years ago), but cutting down on the leadpile is one I will be taking seriously, given the impact a baby and non-earning wife will have on one's cash-flow. Already the ECW, FCW, First Crusade and Sudan have a "no new figures until all the ones you have are painted" rule in force (which I've managed to stick to), and I may have to do the same with the AWI.

AWI: 138 infantry.
FCW: 218 infantry; 3 guns; 1 mule.
ECW: 90 infantry; 3 cavalry; 2 guns.
Sudan: 20 infantry.
French Naps: 16 infantry.
First Crusade: 24 infantry; 3 cavalry.

Counting guns as "1" and cavalry as "2", that gives me 524 pieces. This works out at 10.9 figures per week which is just under my weekly target of 12, but that is perhaps excused by a month-long wedding and honeymoon and a lot of Hugo-time recently. I'm sure next year's tally will be much smaller!

The wip photos show the von Linsing grenadier battalion for the AWI, which is now finished, and the first Carlist troops for the FCW. On the workbench at the moment is a third British Auxiliary Legion battalion for the FCW, a Royal Marines rocket troop and some more AWI Hessians.


Fire at Will said...

Giles rather than a drastic rule for the periods other than AWI, why not try an overall rule of only buy 1 figure for every 2 or 3 or... (think of a suitable number) that you finish painting.

Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Happy New Year to you as well Giles.
Your largely responsible for me in starting my own blog last year due to the fact that your blog really inspired me.Your blog still remains my favorite and I'm always looking forward to what's next.:-)
Indeed,speaking from experience your painting time will be reduced quite a bit as I found that to be the case with myself.My daughter is now 2 years old and requires even more time.Worth every minute of course,just wish there were more hours in the day!
Nice looking mini's btw.;-)


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Congratulations on Blogging 3 years. Your totals (all 28mm figures) are astounding. 10 figures a week for a year is quite an accomplishment, particularly in a year you got married and had a baby!

Here's to a successful 2010 for you, be it painting, gaming or parenting.


Consul said...

It also happens to be my 20th Birthday! I'm no longer a teenager! I never went through a teen angst/rebellious phase though (hopefully Hugo will be the same!)

I look forward to more AWI in the future!

Where do you get your bases from? Do you buy them or make them?


Giles said...

Consul - you whippersnapper, you! Fancy being 20 years old; I can't even remember that far back now.

I buy bases ready made from East Riding Miniatures (link in the links section). They are cut to order so you can buy any size you want. I once had a 100mm x 100mm base made for my Napoleon at Waterloo vignette. ERM's turnaround is also very quick.


El Grego said...

Happy New Year, and congrats on three luverly-pic-filled blogging years!


Andy McMaster said...

Congrats on the three year mark and a very inspiring blog. Always excellent stuff here.

Will second East Riding - excellent service!

And Happy New Year. Hope 2010 is a great one for both your family and your hobby!


Sire Godefroy said...

Another congrats to the third anniversary! The big mass of followers and visitors to your blog is completely justified as you're delivering top-notch work and you never fail to impress the public with painting and speed. Like Christopher (and perhaps many others) I got inspired by your site for so many things. Thanks for that, and may you continue ad infinitum. ;-)


Poacher said...

Happy Anniversary, Giles!!

Let's hope there's many more.

Consul said...

Giles, I have put in an order with ERM for enough bases for the British army i've just ordered from Foundry in their sale. So I've spent £120 something as a result of your inspirational blog!

I'll let you know how I get on.

Consul said...

ps. I know you use GMB flags but where do you purchase them from?

(Sorry for all the questions!)

Peeler said...

A Happy New Year & Anniversary too, Giles, well done on the three years Blogging, very enjoyable it's been to read I must say. I look forward to more of the same, as and when you have the time of course!
Best wishes,

Giles said...

Consul - GMB don't have a web presence so you need to send an order form by post. If you email me on I will send you the lists and order details tomorrow.

Hi Peeler - any child-rearing tips? ;^)

airhead said...

Congratulations on the three year mark, your batting average for figures painted & posts is top notch. Keep up the good work and all the best to you and yours for 2010.

All the best


RTB said...

Three years of inspirational painting and showcasing.

Well done Giles.

I will open a bottle of Burgundy to toast your success!

Docsmith said...

Giles - congratulations on your third blog anniversary. I have to say with all your superb painting, great pics and posts - yours is one that inspired me to do mine ! Thanks for your comments too - coming from a talent such as yours they are greatly appreciated.

All the best in 2010 for you, the Kiwi and little Hugo and may you continue with your great blogging!