Thursday, 21 January 2010

Carlist Skirmishers

These are my first figures for the Carlist side of the FCW. I wanted to do some skirmishers to try out colours for the greatcoats, as most of the figures who fought for Don Carlos will be dressed in greatcoats. Carlist infantry largely consisted of battalions of recruits from specific provinces - Navarre, Alava, Guipuzcoa etc. These figures are painted as a Navarre unit - grey greatcoats, red trousers and dark blue berets.

The greatcoats were painted with the Foundry "German Late Field Grey 78". As the majority of Carlists I paint are going to be in greatcoats, I wanted colours that I could use straight out of the pot and which were a different hue to the colours I use on the Isabelinos' greatcoats (Foundry "Slate Grey 32"). I've had difficulties locating decent grey paints for layering, but the German grey colours give quite a nice look that is quite different to the Isabelinos. I painted these figures "straight", without any weathering or mud effects. I imagine that the regulation red trousers were hard to come by, so gave a couple of figures some dark brown ones. I will add more skirmishers in the future - I just wanted to paint these up as test figures before starting a full Carlist battalion. With painting time at a premium nowadays, I am rediscovering the joys of figures in greatcoats! The building in the background is from Tablescape, the vines from Murray Bridge trees and terrain.

6 figures. Painted December 2009.


Sire Godefroy said...

Would you expect something less than cheerful comments? Honnestly, a very nice little unit; weird enough, it's a relief to watch your output slowing down. ;-)
Still looking forward to your interpretation of the Carlist volunteers, anyway.


Docsmith said...

Your Perry's Carlist figures are an interesting collection Giles, with such a variation of uniform types and so colourful. I like the almost French 'horizon bleu' grey for the greatcoats on your Basque skirmishers. I had to do a similar colour once on an order of WWI French I painted and couldn't match their grey with anything so ended up putting a few drops of Rotring blue ink into an old bottle of GW Spacewolves Grey to create the right shade. Is your shade of grey on the skirmishers based on one available or one you made up?

More beautiful figures and painting again - thanks for posting them!


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Nice Giles.


alex said...

solo queria decirte que las boinas (txapelas) de los carlistas navarros eran blancas, el quinto batallon azules y los guias roja. espero que te sirva la informacion, saludos