Sunday, 17 January 2010

British 6-pounder limber (2)

Painting output has decreased significantly since paternity leave ended and I went back to work at the beginning of January. After 5-odd years of painting 12 figures a week (6 during the weekdays and another 6 at the weekend) I'm trying hard (and struggling) to stick to 7-8 figures a week - the new batch is started on Monday morning and hopefully finished Sunday evening. I think it's important to set some sort of weekly target, if only to give yourself an indication of how many figures you can realistically expect to paint. This means that gaps between posts are likely to lengthen and so I'm hoping to maintain about 2 posts a week by posting pics of stuff I painted over the past couple of years but which, for whatever reason, has remained un-photographed. These items are all AWI, which will help with alternating posts between the AWI and the FCW - this alternate system of posts is what I intend to do going forward.

So first up is a Perry Miniatures British 6-pounder limber that I painted in September 2008 for the Long Island game that November. It remained "un-posted" because I had meant to attach tracing to the horses - I only got around to doing so last night. This is a companion to my other limber, here. As I said in that earlier post, I like to find photos of specific horses to work from and to identify particular breeds. Here we have a dapple dun and a golden bay. The dun was painted using the Foundry "Quagmire" palette with one or two extra highlights. The tracing is white cotton with a dark brown ink wash. I recall that the photos I used for reference had tails which were a mix of black and white hair, one with white hair at the top and the other with it at the bottom. I thought this might make an interesting contrast between the two horses.

Painted September 2008.


AJ (Allan) Wright said...

Nice work on these horses Giles. I really like the spotted one.

Frostydog said...

Excellent work. Not many of us go to the extent of adding traces to our limber horses.

Sire Godefroy said...

Neat, those horses. As ever I'm impressed by your effort with non-combatant additions to the wargames table.
As a sidenote to the traces: Have you tried to use wire instead of actual thread? You can bend the wire more easily so that it doesn't look as distorted as organic material.


Christopher(aka Axebreaker) said...

Very nice Giles!


Stokes Schwartz said...

Amazing paintwork on your horses, Giles! The dapple grey is especially nice. Wow!

Best Regards,


Fire at Will said...

Personally speaking I think you'll do very well to achieve 6 figures per week for the next few years.

Good luck


legatus hedlius said...

Why does it cheer me up to hear that your painting output has dropped!

Lovely team!

Betts-Davittovich said...

great work, its difficult to paint with a new baby in the house don't you find, wait until they stand up , it becomes almost impossible ha ha ha

keep up the brilliant work, makes me very jealous