Wednesday, 20 June 2007

Just for fun...

Whilst I'm finishing off basing the AWI stuff I've been painting over the past couple of weeks (4th Foot, Stockbridge Indians, more Royal Artillery and various limbers and ammunition carts), I thought I'd just post some pics of some more Perry Mahdists that I painted over the weekend. These are Nile Arabs, as opposed to Hadendowah tribesmen, although I painted the skin in exactly the same way - base coat of Games Workshop "Negro" followed by a dark brown ink wash and then 3-4 highlights using the Foundry "Dusky Flesh" palette. These are the last Mahdists I will be basing on single pennies. Going forward I will be using bases similar to the size that the late Peter Gilder used for his Sudan project, and which I gather Two Fat Lardies are using for their forthcoming rules: 8-10 figures on a base of 100mm x 50mm. I have lots of Connoisseur Figures Ansar that I bought at my very first Salute in 1986 (on my 13th birthday!) and painted shortly thereafter, which I need to tart up a bit (ok, a lot) and then base on these large bases. The terrain used in these photos is a new TSS tile I bought the other day and which was delivered within 48 working hours!

Next up are Royal Artillery in Southern campaign dress, a British artillery train and thoughts on putting together Knyphausen's division of 1777.


legatushedlius said...

Fantastic terrain, Giles, a classic example of less is more! Beat me to it on the Nile Arabs as I got distracted by Spartans!


Anonymous said...


As you know I always admire your fantastic work which if anybody is still wondering is even better in real life.

May I ask which TSS tile you ordered as I'd like to buy one.