Saturday, 30 June 2007

American artillery (1)

This is a Perry 3-pounder and crew that I painted last week. The 3-pounder was extensively used throughout the war and it is good news that Perry have released plenty of these guns with different crews. It was a ncie touch to sculpt this crew in hunting shirts. A Bunker Hill scenario will call for a 3-pounder on the American side and these chaps will do nicely for militia. Apparently the Americans often painted the woodwork of their guns a dull red colour. Dave Woodward has done this very well in the pictures of American 6-pounders that are on the Perry website. All my other American guns are in a natural wood colour, so I decided to stick with that to give the guns in my collection a consistent look. The woodwork here was painted using a base of Games Workshop "Scorched Brown" followed by highlights of GW "Bestial Brown" and then the Foundry "Spearshaft" palette.

Painted June 2007.


Dave said...

Hi Giles, if it's any help to anyone I used Foundry Brick red on the woodwork. I did add a GW brown ink wash after the base shade as it's quite pink. It was the shade described to me by Alan P. & he seemd happy with it so it seems I got close 8-)


nigelb said...

could you tell me what paint or name of paint you use for buff, i'm just painting some gunners and dead markers and can't quite get the shade, brilliant pics as always