Monday, 4 June 2007

American generals (1)

These are the three figures from the Perry pack of Continental mounted infantry officers. These are not "personality" figures as such, although I heard a rumour once that Alan Perry had certain generals in mind when he sculpted them (I don't know exactly whom, but I recall they were the senior officers at one of the Southern battles, Camden perhaps). The officer in a hunting shirt certainly makes a very good Daniel Morgan. The chap waving his hat is a particularly dynamic and elegant sculpt. I cannot quite remember why I gave the coated officers red facings rather than buff, probably because Mollo's "Uniforms of the American Revolution" has a picture of an officer of brigadier general rank with red facings. Given that my c-in-c personality figures do have buff facings, I'm not sure this matters much anyway. In the "British Grenadier" rules, brigadiers are based on 60mm x 30mm bases. As I have stated before, generals in these rules play a very important role, as they need to be in base-to-base contact with units to help rally off disruption points and order charges.

Painted some time in 2004.

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